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Citizens of Planet Earth!  The Assimilation has begun!  Even one of your archaic historical publications called Modern Drummer has what you call and article on Obishawnkenobi from the planet groK!  Click Here to read it!

Click Here for some historical documents about us from our Planet Grok!

People of Earth! - Prepare for the Assimilation!  Your Uniforms have arrived and shall be distributed soon...Shipments have already been made to the first wave of humans.  If you wish to receive your uniform please inquire through the Facebook page.  Currently our online store is non functional due to a communications incompatability.  Our Alien Technology is too advanced for your simple Binary system and adjustments are being made now.  end transmission.

Black is the Colour (of my true love's hair)
Music Featured in the new film "Evangeline"

Directed by: Karen Lam

Data Stream

Erupting slowly dark and deep. 

Vibration transcending time and space,

pooling in some far reaching place of our collective

subconscious mind.

Rhythms swimming through the universe,

recalling a forgotten time. 

Where  gods and demons walked the earth and used

Alien Technology.

Interdimensional Tribal Music that reaches into your soul from across the universe.......

©2013 Didges Christ SuperDrum